Friday, March 15, 2013

Catch Up is Just a Condiment

Catch Up is Just a Condiment.  It is not the main course.  If you or someone you know has low vision, moving forward is the only course to be on.  Catching up is not always possible.  Sometimes it can even clutter up your life and slow you down.

The temptation to play “catch up” can come with the diagnosis of an eye disease that has caused impaired vision as well as the diagnosis of other chronic conditions.  Suddenly the past seems clearer than the future.  If only I had known….  I would not have stopped or given up….  Now I can go after that degree, learn to play that instrument, ignite that romance that fizzled.  Maybe.  Maybe not.

Remember what happened to Lot’s wife when she looked back?  Playing catch up can have the same result.  You stop in your tracks.  Nothing gets done.

Focusing on the present, on the moment, being mindful of what is right in front of your nose is much better than falling backwards.  So today catching up means studying Braille so I can read menus in restaurants rather than studying a keyboard instrument.  Catching up means cleaning the clutter on my desk, doing the laundry, and shopping for groceries. 
  When I try to do it all, the quality of what I am doing suffers.  When I started looking back, I found that doors were shut and locked.  I could not go home again.  I could not jump start old relationships.  When I took a good look at what I had left behind and what I was letting go of, I was even glad and grateful for where I was now.  I love what I left.  I love what I have now.  I even love who I have become during the journey.

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