Thursday, June 13, 2019

Resetting my Life

 My cell phone has a reset button.  I use it when an overload from the demands of other carriers or conflicting functions make its work ineffective.  How easy it would be if our lives had reset buttons.  Even without such a luxury, I have decided to reset my life after 50 years of living with the diagnosis of glaucoma that was 22 years too late.  Resetting my life includes concluding Loving what is Left while Living with Low Vision.

 As this blog’s title demonstrates, I have lived rather than merely coped with the vision loss from the glaucoma and the cataracts that appeared several decades later.  My life up to this point has revolved and evolved around the condition of my eyes.  It determined what I could and could not do, where I could and could not live, and where I would or would not be able to work.  Now I am celebrating my 50th anniversary by returning to the person I was before I started to be defined by my medical conditions.

 The tipping point that helped me find my reset button is the Writers’ Circle that was started by the Hadley Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired in May.  This group meets monthly via computer or phone access.  It is the best writers’ group I’ve ever attended.  We share information and answer each other’s questions in a cooperative environment.  We come to the group loving writing and leave it more excited and inspired.  Our goal as a group is to make software used by writers including Final Draft and Finale as well as websites for writers more accessible for people who use screen-reading software.

I took a detour and wrote this blog to help educate patients, health care professionals, and rehabilitation counselors about the needs of people who are living with low vision.  Reset involves returning to writing as the fun filled income producing and award winning activity that it was before the glaucoma and cataracts were diagnosed.  When I learn how to use social media with the assistance of people who are sighted and have this skill, creative project information will be added to my website,

If you are thinking about resetting, consider the following resources:

  1.  Designing your Life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans  
  2. Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey
  3. The Proximity Principle by Ken Coleman (not available yet on BARD)

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