Sunday, January 5, 2020

Celestial Light

Celestial Light

by Susan Bourrie

Why must we put away the tree this year
and pull the plug on its celestial light?
Why must we pack the tinsel and the cheer
that keep away the darkness of the night?
Why must the star whose glow is warm and mild
Be snuffed out on a designated day
and memories of that Most Holy Child
who lies beneath it ever fade away?
Why must the peace of this beloved season
be shelved like some discarded children's toy?
Why must good will defer to solemn reason
that says this world is not a place for joy?
The faith and love that we all hold so dear
are meant to last until this time next year.

(Bourrie, Susan.  “Celestial Light.”  Groundcover.  Ann Arbor, MI:  December, 2014, 10.)


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