Sunday, March 29, 2020

The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth

It is impossible to make definitive projections and predictions about the current Coronavirus because there are too many variables.  We need facts along with the figures, but we are not getting them from government agencies and health care decision-makers around the world.  How might the large number of deaths have been prevented:  Regular Chest X-Rays.  Primary care doctors ask if you are a smoker or have been a smoker.  They ask if anyone in your family had lung cancer.  They conduct all kinds of regular screenings for breast cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes, and blood pressure.  Why aren’t they testing for lung diseases that cannot be detected nor diagnosed with a stethoscope?

Three members of my family died from diseases that were related to cigarette smoking during most of their lives.  My father had his first heart attack at 45 years of age and his second and fatal heart attack at 50.  My sister died of bone cancer that started in her lungs.  Her son, my nephew, died recently of brain cancer that started in the lungs.  Cancers that start in the lungs are not detected until they spread to other parts of the body and are often too late for any treatment to work.  People who smoke cigarettes, pot, or breathe second-hand smoke at home or at work on a regular basis should be tested.  People who live in areas where there is poor air quality should be tested.

As to the current problem, deaths caused by the Coronavirus, medical researchers need to gather the data from medical histories or autopsies to ascertain what preexisting medical conditions patients who died from the virus had.  The “facts” that we were given about Italy is that people were dying because they have an older population.  How many of these people smoked?  How many had preexisting medical conditions?  How many worked in or lived in places where the air quality is poor?  The same questions could be asked of china.  The rush to bury the dying, especially from cremation, guaranteed that these relevant data cannot be gathered.  It is not too late, however, to gather this information in America before the number of cases has peaked.

Anticipatory anxiety is scaring people to death.  At this time, is it wise to run ads for prescription drugs on TV and during the news programs that list the possible side effects that run the gamut from simple to rare?  Has anyone researched the number of people who are not taking their medications because of the anticipatory anxiety caused by these ads?

Medical “research” has convinced us to drink bottled water instead of tap water, not drink  bottled water, drink filtered water.  It has convinced us to eat eggs, not eat eggs, eat only so many eggs per week, eat only egg whites.  Along with fearing the Coronavirus, we are supposed to fear lactose, gluten, packaged foods, preservatives, canned foods, and anything that is not organic.  When I went to the Mayo clinic decades ago, a GI specialist said, “Food is fun.”  This expert contradicts the current studies that are being paid for by “researchers” who are anything but unbiased and able to skew data to say whatever their big business benefactors desire.

 All we need now is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  Common sense and the common good require nothing less.  

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