Friday, April 3, 2020

Do-It-Yourself: Measuring Up Ruler Cross Lenten Activity

 I had an idea for a special Ruler Cross that I wanted to share with others this Lent.  For this craft activity, all you need is a 12” ruler and a 3’ yard stick.  Intersect the two tools at the 6” mark on the ruler and the 1’ mark on the yardstick.  Then put the words, “How do I Measure Up?” or “How do We Measure Up?” or “How Do You Measure Up?” at the top and a copy of the 10 Commandments at the bottom by arranging them all under the Ruler Cross or by placing five commandments on each side of it.  There are many versions of the Ten commandments online  from which to choose.

 Because I am visually impaired, computer impaired, and my library with its helpful computer clerks is closed, one of my volunteer readers helped me from a distance.  Sherry Warden, the current President of the Washtenaw Association of Retired School Personnel and a retired special education teacher who is a member of my church, put the ruler and the cross on the floor in order to take a picture of it.  She sent the image to her email as an attachment before adding the words on her computer.  The Ruler Cross can also be attached to a wall without any words and simply gazed upon during prayer and meditation as you ask yourself, “How do I measure up?”
 In addition to using the Ten commandments, you could be creative and make your own list of commandments such as the Ten Commandments of Being Stuck at Home.

 You might enjoy listening to the song, “From a Distance,” on You Tube or Alexa while you work.  May your Holy Week be filled with many blessings as you bless others from a distance.

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